2018 NCMC Annual Conference
Where We Meet:
Strengthening Community Relations
Greensboro, NC, March 18-19

Where We Meet Logo

We hope you’ll join us in Greensboro!

About our theme:
In 2016, fiber artist Janet Echelman unveiled a dramatic 200-foot sculpture rippling in the breeze above the new LeBauer City Park in downtown Greensboro. The inspiration for the design of her piece “Where We Met” was the multiple railway lines converging on Greensboro and its numerous textile mills.


In the same way, many threads of our communities connect at our museums. We welcome new audiences, promote new perspectives, and collect local culture. Our museums strive to be gathering places. We anchor economic development, present community stories, and provide learning experiences for everyone. By connecting with our communities, large and small, museums can survive and even thrive under today’s challenging economic and cultural conditions.


The Grandover Resort

The Grandover Resort & Conference Center is the host hotel for the 2018 Annual Meeting. Most – but not all – conference activities will take place at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center, which is located at 1000 Club Road, Greensboro, NC.

To see group rate pricing info and register for a room, please see the Hotel Info page.