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We need you…

Per the NCMC By-Laws, the following NCMC Board positions are to be filled in odd-numbered years (such as 2011): President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Awards Chair, Directory Chair, Membership Development Chair, Nominating Chair, Public Relations Chair, and Student Affairs Chair.

Terms of service for those positions are two years, although chairs may serve two consecutive terms in the same position.

If you, or any NCMC member you know, is interested in working on the NCMC Board, we strongly encourage you to let us know ASAP. You need not have a specific Board position in mind, just a willingness to serve on the Board and act in the best interests of NCMC and North Carolina’s historical community. Participation on the Board is a great learning and net-working experience!

Nominations will be due by October 31, 2012.

Just fill out and submit an application form and you will be considered for upcoming positions on the board!

The form above submits to the Nominating Chair.

Don't know what the various jobs entail? Take a look at the job descriptions by reviewing a PDF of the Council's Operating Guidelines.

North Carolina Museums Council By-laws, Updated March 2009

Board Minutes

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