2022 Annual Meeting Session Proposals

Session Proposal Form

The North Carolina Museums Council is currently planning its annual conference, which will be held in Rocky Mount, NC on March 26-28, 2022. This year, the NCMC conference will offer sessions that address the theme: Reexamining Our Stories.

We want to hear from you about the narratives your institution shares through virtual and in-person programs, artifacts and collections, media offerings, and more. How has your museum reexamined their story to address the major changes presented to us in these past few years? How has your staff worked internally and externally to reexamine the representation of your surrounding communities? How has your institution transformed the museum field?

Tell us about your successes and your failures so we can learn from one another. This year's conference will celebrate our museums and communities by focusing on how we highlight, share, interpret, and discuss our shared experiences.

Several types of sessions proposals are sought:

    • Presentation - 45 minute session, 2 presenters recommended
    • Facilitated Discussion - 60 minute session, 3 presenters or less recommended
    • Workshop - 75 minute, 3 presenters or less recommended
    • Other - Thinking of a different format? Please include description in the Notes to Committee section

Things to Think About When Developing a Proposal

Inspiration for a session can come from a variety of places: your own experiences, questions you have faced, or sessions you have heard about elsewhere.

NCMC welcomes diverse insights from the variety of institutions and professionals that work in our state, including those who do not work in the museum field. NCMC highly encourages involving multiple presenters in a session. Hearing from professionals who are entry level, mid-career, or senior level is a great way for conference attendees to hear from multiple perspectives. Keep in mind that this conference is entirely in person. There will not be a Zoom or virtual way to attend.

Though presentations and facilitated discussions are our most used format, that does not mean they are always the most effective depending on your content. Time for discussion and questions is important to consider. Feel free to be creative when thinking about the structure within your session. Panels are valuable, but is there a way to put a spin on your presentation? Could there be an opportunity to facilitate a debate or town meeting? What would work best in our new virtual format? Consider thinking beyond case studies and towards instruction or analysis of a problem you have faced in the field.


The deadline for submissions is Sunday, November 14th, 2021. Selected proposals for the final program will be confirmed and notified in mid December.

Speaker Policy

Speakers do not receive a fee, free registration, or travel considerations for their participation in the NCMC annual meeting. Presenters who plan to attend only their own session and engage in no other conference activities do not have to register. If presenters are only attending their session, they are required to notify the Professional Development Chair via email at profdevelopment@ncmuseums.org.


Thank you in advance for helping to make the 2022 conference an exchange of valuable information and ideas - as well as a rejuvenating and FUN experience for us all!

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